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According to a recent poll, 71% of US adults believe harassing and fraudulent robocallers are an urgent problem, and one-third of mobile users surveyed receive at least one robocall per day.*

What is a Robocaller?

A robocaller makes automated telephone calls that deliver a recorded message. Robocallers range from beneficial, such as school closings and flight delay notifications, to annoying telemarketing calls or scam calls made with the intent to defraud the recipient. In June 2015, the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) authorized calling providers to block robocalls.

TNS Call Guardian - Robocall Detection

TNS Call Guardian - Robocall Detection

Based on TNS call studies, a staggering 20% of all inbound calls on some networks are robocalls, and, according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) data, they’re costly. Robocall scams cost consumers an estimated $350 million every year. Over 300,000 consumer complaints about these calls come in to the FTC per month, and the FCC receives an additional 18,000 complaints. Robocalls cost consumers both time and money.

As the result of real-time network data analytics, TNS offers a solution that identifies 40-60% more unwanted robocalls than our competitors. The TNS solution is flexible in its implementation, accurate, and reasonably priced. In fact, you may realize additional network savings as a result of more efficient processing and screening of robocalls.

To enable you to provide your customers with a meaningful response to robocalls, TNS has developed a solution to identify and filter unwanted robocalls, the heart of which is real-time telephone number reputation analysis that provides the most accurate and timely detection of robocallers in the market. With this launch, we’re proud to share a solution that is able to address the to-date unsolvable problem of call spoofing at the network level. Whether you provide wireless or wireline service to your customers, we have options for you.

*According to a US Ncompass International Omnibus Survey of 1,009 US adults commissioned by TNS in Sept 2015

Customer Benefits

Whatever your priorities, we have you covered.

Call blocking decisions based on trusted analytics
Flexible integration options for both wireless and wireline
Detection of call spoofing as it begins plus re-scoring hijacked numbers when hijacking ends
Privacy and security of your customers’ personal information
Cost savings and ease of integration
Partner with a track record of success and depth of understanding of telecommunications



TNS Call Guardian is being used by some of the world’s largest operators, click here for details of one of our most significant deployments.

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From small rural operators in the US to the largest multi-national telecommunication providers, our portfolio of mobile network, identity, discovery and routing solutions enables the successful and reliable delivery of subscriber solutions around the globe, while our clearing, settlement and anti-fraud solutions protect your subscribers and bottom line.

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