Data Services Hub

The TNS Data Services Hub is the only roaming hub of its kind in the industry, providing participating operators with the opportunity to connect LTE roaming and interoperability with requisite 3G roaming fallback.   The TNS Data Services Hub helps operators work more easily together to expand their national footprints and also provides a single point of interconnection for international operators looking to negotiate and implement roaming agreements with hub members for LTE and other data services.

The TNS Data Services Hub solution is an advanced 4G roaming ecosystem that supports scale, provides interoperability across multiple vendor variants and protocols, and preserves the flexibility of operator choice. Through the hosted solution, member operators can optimize both capital and operational resources during the evolution, activation and implementation of next generation data services.




TNS IPX Connectivity provides access to a global MPLS backbone connecting heterogeneous networks, intelligent hubs, and cloud services for a variety of interworking functions. With broad capabilities covering voice, data, and signaling, as well as advanced routing and addressing, all backed by service level standards, TNS can support your service velocity and business growth as you drive toward delivering LTE services to your subscribers.

One secure connection simplifies your processes and eases the roll-out of new, revenue-generating services. You can realize new network efficiencies and stay competitive with our full suite of IP – enabled solutions.

Significant Benefits of IPX Connectivity:




Diameter Signaling

All-IP mobile networks like LTE are rapidly being deployed to provide the bandwidth for data-intensive devices and applications. Diameter is the standard protocol for interconnecting 3G IMS and 4G LTE networks.

Without a diameter relay and proxy agent at the core, however, LTE and IMS endpoints require direct signaling connections to each other and various network elements, quickly forming a mesh-like network architecture that simply does not scale. As traffic levels grow, the risk of cascading failures increases.

The TNS Diameter Signaling Solution resolves these issues with a single, secure point of interconnect to other networks that relieves endpoints of routing, traffic management and load balancing and creates a core signaling layer.

The result is a scalable, robust architecture, essential to delivering and monetizing today’s in-demand data services. 

Single, Secure Point of Interconnect – Provides access control, security and topology hiding.

Centralized Routing & Congestion Management – Aggregates messages and offloads routing requirements from the nodes; supports increasing traffic and service demands allowing for network growth.

Multi-vendor Flexibility – Mediation of diameter variants and other protocol interworking between multi-vendor endpoints protects your freedom of choice.



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