Voice Exchange

Access to TNS Voice Exchange service can be achieved by directly connecting to the centralized TNS Voice Exchange platform via SIP or TDM.

Benefits of voice exchange service

Enable prefix based routing of traffic through the platform to associate several physical and IP based trunks either to a single associated destination or from a single associated source.

Define capacities allocated to sources/destinations via signaling links, trunk groups, and IPX capacity allocation to customers.

Pass and receive signaling information and call path information from different sources through the platform to customers as well as customers through the platform to different destinations.

Enable protocol conversion between signaling and encoding standards.

Enable compression and decompression conversion between standards.

Enable concentration of Circuits or IPX connections from different sources, and aggregation prior to delivery to customers.

Deliver SIP or TDM calls to customers locations in a format that meets customers’ specifications.

Transfer SIP or TDM calls from customers’ locations in a format that meets customers’ specifications.

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