VoLTE Roaming

Enabling LTE roaming and next-generation data services is crucial to helping operators realize high margin roaming revenues, grow ARPU and prevent the churn of high-value subscribers.   The TNS Data Services Hub provides a technical and business framework for simplifying LTE and other next generation data connectivity and roaming needs among participating operators.  This creates a unique opportunity for member operators to innovate and create next generation services that are flexible, standards-based and enhance the end-user experience.

The TNS Data Services Hub is the only roaming hub of its kind in the industry, providing participating operators with the opportunity to connect LTE roaming and interoperability with requisite 3G roaming fallback. The TNS Data Services Hub helps operators work more easily together to expand their national footprints and also provides a single point of interconnection for international operators looking to negotiate and implement roaming agreements with hub members for LTE and other data services.

The TNS Data Services Hub solution is an advanced 4G roaming ecosystem that supports scale, provides interoperability across multiple vendor variants and protocols, and preserves the flexibility of operator choice. Through the hosted solution, member operators can optimize both capital and operational resources during the evolution, activation and implementation of next generation data services.


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