Anti-Fraud Managed Services

By subscribing to TNS RoamEx Anti-Fraud Managed Services, wireless operators can reap the benefits of employing an experienced and skilled team of first-class, dedicated fraud analysts monitoring for fraudulent activity while minimizing the costs associated with maintaining an in-house fraud department.  Anti-Fraud Managed Services is ideal for both larger wireless operators who are looking to enhance their current fraud departments by adding 24/7/365 capabilities, and for smaller operators who do not have the budgetary or human resources available to develop in-house fraud operations. 

Utilizing TNS’ RoamEx Enterprise Solutions Suite™ for wireless operators including RoamEx Data Exchanger™ (RDE), RoamEx NRTRDE, and FraudTec™, Anti-Fraud Managed Services is available in two configurations designed to fit most operator’s fraud needs.

The standard configuration is a complete turnkey solution that requires zero operator involvement.  TNS handles all aspects of the fraud operations for the operator including managing alarms, detecting suspected fraudulent activity, client verification, and hot lining confirmed fraud cases, as well as updating all fraud case details in the operator’s subscriber database via a secure connection to the operator’s internal systems and infrastructure.

The second configuration requires minimal involvement of the mobile operator’s current resources.  With view-only access to the operator’s subscriber database via a secure connection, TNS will conduct the internal fraud investigation, manage alarms, action suspected fraud activity, and log all case details using TNS’ RoamEx Case Manager™. 

Anti-Fraud Managed Services is also available in hybrid configurations to suit any operator’s unique fraud management workflow.



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