The wireless industry has grown rapidly and commensurate with this growth is a multi-billiondollar wireless fraud industry. Losses due to wireless fraud are often among a mobile operator’s greatest expense.  Mobile operators need an effective tool to help their analysts monitor, detect, and stop wireless fraud on a real-time basis.

Through FraudTec’s real-time analysis of mobile usage data, it instantly makes the distinction between likely fraudulent behavior and heavy call volumes associated with normal customer usage activity, all within milliseconds from receiving the relevant data. It helps maximize true fraud cases, while minimizing operational costs needed for each false alarm investigation, with an easy-to-use web-based application that is intuitive and ergonomic.

After receiving roaming usage data and optional home Call Detail Records (CDR’s), FraudTec uses these records to create a database of subscriber calling activity. As the database continually updates, FraudTec performs ongoing, real-time, comprehensive analysis to check for conditions and profile patterns that may indicate fraudulent usage. These conditions, usually derived by statistical methods, are based on industry standards and trends or specific mobile operator parameters. When one or more of these configurable conditions arise, FraudTec generates an alarm. 

The system offers a comprehensive suite of alarm management tools such as custom alarm configuration, subscription fraud analysis with use of billing information, threshold management, call detail analysis, velocity checks, high risk calling locations, and known fraudulent calling number lists.

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