RoamEx Data Exchange (RDE)

Acknowledged throughout the wireless industry as a leading provider of timely roaming data, TNS’ RoamEx Data Exchange sends completed voice CDMA CDR’s (Call Detail Records) from the visited mobile operator to the home mobile operator in near real-time.

TNS’ RoamEx Data Exchange provides mobile operators with critical, near real-time roaming data visibility to help enable quicker and more effective fraud detection, improve revenue assurance, reduce bad debt and increase roaming revenues.

By providing near real-time visibility of subscribers’ usage data, TNS eliminates the need to restrict subscriber services while roaming, thus increasing roaming revenue. Inbound roaming revenue can also be enhanced through TNS’ RoamEx platform. With more unrestricted roaming agreements, a mobile operator can realize greater revenue from other roaming partner subscribers who they might otherwise be reluctant to let roam without real-time usage data visibility. TNS RDE provides the near real-time usage data exchange and visibility that enables these valuable roaming agreements to be established.

Roaming data delivered via TNS’ RoamEx Data Exchange reaches the home mobile operator within seconds of its arrival on the TNS network, allowing mobile providers to recognize and respond almost immediately to a potential fraud threat. Other methods of monitoring roaming activity such as clearinghouse data billing records typically provide visibility 24 to 48 hours after the roaming usage data has occurred, thereby leaving the mobile provider exposed to high fraud risk and losses during this timeframe.



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