Inter-Standard / Sponsored Roaming

Enabling seamless movement of subscribers between multiple network types or standards including CDMA/GSM/LTE cellular networks, SIP-based networks, IP networks and heterogeneous networks, for roaming enablement with unified and converged services.


TNS Roamer Control gives the home provider the ability to disconnect the subscriber’s attachment to a serve network and establish a new connection to an alternate network. This results in subscribers spending more time on the home or preferred networks and a better roaming experience.

Data Optimization

Reduces operators' roaming and network costs by optimizing the mobile data traffic, thereby decreasing subscriber data usage on roaming partner networks.


Utilizes a secure, high performance Data Clearing House (DCH) platform supporting current standards and capable of rapid customization to meet customer specific needs and future industry requirements.  


Utilizing the latest technology, our FCH platform is the most advanced debt monitoring and recovery service in the market which chases debt more effectively than any other system, helping reduce your outstanding debt and improve profitability.


Supports IOT discount process from contract to credit note by managing workflow of contract negotiation, agreement capture, rebate calculation, usage tracking, forecasting, charting, analytics, alerting, and financial accounting through to settlement.

Roamer View

Gives wireless operators the ability to monitor inbound and outbound roamer activity in near real-time, providing both network node and subscriber details for troubleshooting and trending activities.


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