Data Optimization

Global mobile data traffic continues to grow year over year at an astonishing rate.  As a mobile operator or MVNO, you are painfully aware of this pattern and searching for ways to increase network bandwidth, while containing costs and maintaining quality of service for your customers.

The Solution

TNS Mobile Data Optimization is a hosted compression and optimization solution that not only increases available bandwidth and reduces bandwidth costs for the home network, but also reduces roaming data traffic while decreasing backhaul costs and data roaming fees to visited networks.  As a hosted solution, there is no capital expenditure for you and your time to market is significantly reduced.  

The solution features integrated network elements, local data traffic break-out, policy and management control, content filtering, web and video cache, video pacing, congestion detection, and differentiated billing options, helping ensure optimized web and video content delivery.  Pages and downloads will load faster and videos will stall less, improving online and streaming experiences and boosting your subscribers’ satisfaction.

In addition to improving your subscriber experience and delivering significant cost savings, TNS' Mobile Data Optimization solution creates opportunity for new revenue streams through increasing available network bandwidth.



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