We offer wireless operators a flexible solution to exchange billing data for voice roaming traffic with their roaming partners. Operators are able to track and analyze their financial position via a web-based interface with near-real time reporting capabilities, enabling carriers to make timely decisions.


Our roaming and clearing solutions ensure efficient and accurate processing of GSM Transferred Account Procedure (TAP) and Returned Account Procedure (RAP) files.  This solution which we refer to as TNS Nextgen, utilizes a secure, high performance Data Clearing House (DCH) platform supporting current standards and capable of rapid customization to meet customer specific needs and future industry requirements. 

TNS Nextgen’s sophisticated near real time reporting portal is intuitive, easy to use, and content rich providing transparency to all aspect of the data clearing process.

We pride ourselves on providing state-of-the art support by being flexible and customer focused while delivering the best, most innovative solutions.  Our dedicated, highly experienced team of roaming professionals is eager and willing to help you achieve roaming and clearing success. 


Efficiently manage your roaming and clearing business with our full-service data clearing solution, providing end-to-end processing of roaming call detail records and critical business indicators that help drive revenue growth, cost efficiencies, and network optimization.

Our CDMA data clearing house offers a flexible platform for operators to validate, exchange, and process Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer (CIBER) records accurately and efficiently in compliance with industry standards. Our comprehensive web-based reporting delivers an unmatched level of detail and flexibility to help you manage your roaming business.  The unique drill-down capability allows you  to review bottom-line financial information  or activity for a designated date, roaming partner, or market.

Gain more insight through our value added services including:

Call Detail Reporting

Agreement Management – Rate Audit

CIBER Reject Reprocessing

Inter-standard Roaming


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