Inter / Intra Standard Roaming

The TNS Inter-Standard Roaming (ISR), Sponsored Roaming & Interoperability Platform allows operators to offer a variety of international & domestic roaming options to their subscribers, which extends the reach of their current roaming solutions for voice/SMS/data.

Using a TNS-supplied sponsored IMSI, immediate worldwide roaming reach can be enabled for your subscribers by provisioning the TNS IMSI on your customer’s existing UICC / SIM card, or by provisioning the TNS IMSI on a TNS-supplied UICC / SIM card at time of manufacture. 

TNS’ ISR solution provides signaling control, protocol conversion, mapping, authentication, provisioning & management services along with ISR general support and customer service.  TNS also provides access to a worldwide GSM roaming network as well as the clearing and settlement services for usage.

With the ISR platform, your subscriber is seamlessly enabled for international roaming via existing SIM functionality on their device.


The TNS Inter-Standard Solution for Interoperability Roaming provides the following services :

Connectivity & Transport (VPN / IPX, SS7 / SIGTRAN)
Signaling Control (M3UA / M2PA, ITU, etc.)
Protocol Conversion (ANSI-41 - GSM MAP, DIAMETER)
Mapping (IMSI - MIN)
Authentication (HLR / AuC)
Provisioning & Management Services
General Operational Support & 24x7 Monitoring / Customer Service
Access to a Worldwide GSM Roaming Network
SIM Procurement & Management (if needed)
Sponsored IMSI Roaming
Billing/Settlement (TAP - CIBER / RADIUS, etc)

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