Roamer View

View all of your voice and data roaming traffic, ANSI-41, GSM, RADIUS and Diameter, in a single portal. Pre-call information is processed in near real-time, reformatted and presented in a user-friendly web interface for timely support and management of roaming subscribers.

Color-coded error messages make the data easy to understand and simple to use for administrators, help desk personnel, and technical support. Viewing and printing preferences and permissions provide customer service and roaming departments with customized views and secure access.

Protect and Maximize Roaming Revenues

Quickly troubleshoot and respond to correct a roamer’s problems, maximizing roaming revenue and increasing service levels. Through storage of accurate data records, RoamerView can help identify revenue leakage and/or resolve disputes. 

SMS activity reports provide a billable revenue stream and give the roaming department a clear view of SMS traffic.

Identify Roaming Opportunities

RoamerView identifies roaming attempts by subscribers for which no roaming agreement exists, helping to identify gaps in your roaming footprint. 



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