Steering & Roamer Control

Subscribers are increasingly reliant on mobile services and now expect service everywhere, making partner networks necessary. The most popular device however, the smartphone, intensifies roaming challenges for the home operator. Because they are very difficult to detach from partner networks, a subscriber can be retained unnecessarily – often long after the subscriber has moved within range of a more preferred network - or even after returning to the home network.

Present steering of roaming solutions essentially prioritize which network a device connects to when multiple networks are within range. Once connected however, the steering solution is incapable of disconnecting and reattaching the device when a more favorable network becomes available, or even when the device returns to the home network.

Without a mechanism to control the subscriber’s network connection, wholesale roaming charges can accumulate quickly and negatively impact profitability. This concern applies especially to high-value data roaming subscribers who may roam frequently and have high volume or unlimited plans.

The Solution

With TNS Roamer Control, operators regain control.  This solution limits roaming exposure and costs by granting the home network control over subscriber’s serving connection.  It is not just a steering solution.  Unlike other services on the market today, TNS Roamer Control gives the home provider the ability to disconnect the subscriber’s attachment to a serve network and establish a new connection to an alternate network. This results in subscribers spending more time on the home or preferred networks and a better roaming experience.

TNS Roamer Control gives operators the ability to set multiple criteria based on business parameters, such as when to scan for available networks and establish new connections.   This service virtually eliminates the problem of persistent attachments to non-preferred partner networks.



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