Grants your company access to information critical to the accurate routing and billing of inter-carrier communications, such as voice and mobile data services.


Delivers essential network and database capabilities so providers can quickly, easily, and accurately port numbers, route calls to ported numbers, and process orders when subscribers change service providers.

Toll-Free Database (8xx) Services

Allows you to tap into the large toll-free market. Local carriers can get access to SMS/800 database for routing to every toll free number in the United States and Canada.

VoLTE Registry

Inter-carrier shared registry that allows carriers to discover VoLTE/RCS enabled handsets across carrier boundaries and route to them over an intercarrier IMS infrastructure. TNS functions as a trusted third party to manage numbering and routing data on behalf of carriers and allows for controlled exchange of data between carriers. In addition, TNS' VoLTE Registry also functions as a mediator for translating NAPTR records to present a consistent interface to customer IMS core. Conforms to GSMA Carrier ENUM model for VoLTE interworking across carriers.


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