Toll Free (8xx) Database

Enables you to tap into the large toll-free market while delivering top quality service to your subscribers

With TNS' Toll-Free Database Service, local carriers can provide subscribers with access to every toll-free number in the US and Canada for toll-free call routing. Supports interstate, intrastate, inter-LATA, and intra-LATA requirements.


TNS operates the toll-free platform based on its highly scalable and reliable registry infrastructure ensuring control over reliability and performance. Our toll-free platform allows for flexibility in data loading and reporting, including monthly electronic 11-50-86 data files to use with your Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) for cost recovery.  In addition, the platform generates various business intelligence reports to better understand the toll free traffic being generated by customer networks which allows customers to optimize their own toll free traffic.

Customers can also realize further cost savings by employing the unique CIC override feature that is available on the platform. Using this feature, carriers can force toll-free traffic originated from their network and terminated to their own network or to a peered operator’s network to take a different path, thereby avoiding interexchange carriers and thus the markup charged by interexchange carriers.

TNS' Toll-Free Database Services are accessible via traditional SS7, Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN), ENUM, and SIP protocols and TNS' IPX network provides cost-effective, reliable IP access to the database.

TNS offers an on-site TNS managed local replica deployment option for high volume customers. Local Replica option allows for a customer site deployed 8XX SCP platform that is updated in real-time with SMS/800 database, providing customers with a highly reliable solution with minimal network latency.



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