VoLTE Registry

VoLTE registry is built on top of Carrier ENUM registry.  With an integrated number portability solution and shared ENUM database, TNS’ VoLTE registry can function both as a local ENUM for carriers to route within their own network, as well as a country level ENUM to route to other carriers’ networks. When more than one carrier in a country participates in TNS' VoLTE registry, a query to TNS' VoLTE registry can function as a super query, where it can return a complete routing response to reach remote carriers without having to query a country level ENUM and the remote carrier’s ENUM, significantly reducing call setup time.

As indicated in the diagram, VoLTE registry makes available a shared registry into which carriers provision the phone numbers of their VoLTE enabled devices, as well as routing information for reaching those devices, over an IMS infrastructure. This information is then shared between operators in a controlled manner allowing discovery of and routing to the VoLTE enabled handsets.



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